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By Doyel Joshi & Neil Ghose Balser  

Since our wedding in Mandawa, Rajasthan on November 4th we have married our creative vision into a studio. Welcome to is an interdisciplinary creative studio providing creative direction in collaborations and concept for shows, installations, performance and film.


Our approch is to investigate the emotion in relation to a subject, how it resonates and ultimately how it is expressed through visual, sonic, (past and future) memory ques.

With our work at we aim to show a contemporary and global perspective. 

DN STD_0116_JPEG Full Res.jpg


For the image above we have worked with a team of Mumbai based creatives. Our photographer Vihan Shah is especially skilled in bringing out life in a still life photographic way. The background composition was by another dear friend and designer Priyanka Shah who also calls herself Fantasy Botanist. 


- Gucci

- Nowness

- NY Fashion Week 

- Berlin Fashion Week

- Royal Academy

- Asian Paints

- Musée du louvre Exhibit

- Raw Mango

- Observing Place Louise

- Moncler 

- Alla Carta

- Noguchi Museum NYC

- Floating galleries NYC

- Billy Porter

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