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To the aunties and artists alike.
To besties and the darbaans
To the peacocks and pigeons.
To the move of tradition outside of religion, and art out of the white room. 
And both into our wedding. And both into the everyday. 


An invitation to see the world with us and through our wedding. 

We used our wedding, like everything else in our life to express freely and fully. The wedding was an integrated art exhibit - of installations, performance art, experiential design and much more. With the vision of disrupting but also honoring that what an "Indian" wedding is and WHY.

Upon their marriage Doyel Joshi ( Then Doyel Vashisth Balser) and Neil Ghose Balser (Then Neil Ghose Vashisth Balser ) join their creative forces formally in this studio.

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We became partners in our journeys to freedom. 

Not to bind but to become undone, we link to break the shackles of our individual limitations. 

Together we show each other all that must be internally explored to elevate to a truth which is pure creation. This is our wedding and our work. 

Inviting awareness:

The wedding is our spiritual journey and the symbolic act of commitment, thereby announcing to the world that we join life-path, merging our creative forces for an artistic expression, experience and indulgence.

We navigate the past through our combined heritage and the ones that we imbibe through this navigation.


An invitation to see the world with us and through our wedding. 

Welcome to our wedding. 

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- Gucci

- Nowness

- NY Fashion Week 

- Berlin Fashion Week

- Royal Academy

- Asian Paints

- Musée du louvre Exhibit

- Raw Mango

- Observing Place Louise

- Moncler 

- Alla Carta

- Noguchi Museum NYC

- Floating galleries NYC

- Billy Porter

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